The card game where you get to play the killer and chase down helpless victims!




2017 Toronto FAN EXPO - Demo evaluation - Industry provessionals approve design and game play

2016 ZMan games accepts demo and puts game to test for publication


2 - 5 players
64 cards
40 markers
Rule Book
2 figures
35 minute game play
ages 13+



Helpless Trespassers have entered the House of Horror unaware of the terror that lies beyond the threshold. This is no ordinary house, it's filled with notorious Killers and you're one of them vying to claim your rightful prize of ultimate Killer. Let the competition begin but be careful the Trespassers are not all helpless, some are professional hunters out to get the Killers.

The House of Horror attracts Trespassers including hunters, marines, jocks, and of course cheerleaders. Players lead the unsuspecting Trespassers through the house room by room cutting them down one by one until the ESCAPE! begins. Trespassers then make a mad dash for the door as the slaughter begins.


The card game with a BIG TWIST at the end!



Click here for the shorten rules in PDF format